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Czech Dogs

Dogs are tolerated just about everywhere in Prague, including on public transit and in shops and restaurants. A week or so ago, I watched a woman share her vepřový řízek (pork schnitzel) with her lap dog at a fairly upscale restaurant.

They’re amazingly well-behaved, too, I must say. They don’t bark much (and if you hear a barking dog, it’s almost always a puppy still being trained), and they seldom fight with other dogs. Czechs obviously put a good deal of effort into training their dogs. This afternoon, I watched as a woman walking her (leashless) dog set down her tote bag. I was too far away to be able to tell if the woman actually gave her dog an order or not, but the dog very promptly and daintily hopped into the bag and sat and watched its surroundings alertly as the woman picked up the bag and continued down the street. The woman crossed the street, set the bag down again, the dog hopped out, and they continued on their way. I have no idea what that whole bag thing was about, but I was impressed by the dog’s prompt reaction.

With all the dogs in Prague, you would expect dog droppings to be an issue, and indeed, when I first arrived, it was necessary to watch your step. In an attempt to lessen the problem, the City provides bags for the dog owners:

While I frequently see people picking up after their animals, though, I can’t say that I’ve ever seen anyone actually use these bags.

Prague recently implemented stricter litter laws, including a requirement to pick up after your pets, and I surprised to see that it really has made a difference.

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