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3:26 pm

New favorite drink

My new favorite drink is the Flirtini, as it is made at the Mánesova location of Bar and Books. According to wikipedia, the drink was popularized by Sex and the City and is made up of vodka, pineapple juice and champagne. But I utterly detest vodka. Fortunately for me, the Bar and Books version is Seagram’s gin shaken with Cointreau, muddled pineapple and pineapple juice, with a champagne (okay, this is Europe, with appellation controllée, so it’s actually Prosecco) float.

Seriously yummy.

I’ve tried their Chelsea Rose, too, which is described as Hendrick’s gin, raspberry purée, apple juice and elderflower cordial. Sounded interesting, but I didn’t care for that one all that much. I found it thin and bland.

But the Flirtinis will keep me coming back. Well, and the staff, too: they’re way nice, too.

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