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12:58 pm

Watching the Inauguration

It was of course possible to watch the inauguration streaming online, but I really wanted to be with like-minded folk for this. So off I went to the Globe Bookstore. Turns out I had more than enough company:

The speech was well-received, and I was particularly pleased that Obama specifically refuted the idea that we should compromise our ideals in the name of security.

I didn’t stick around to watch the parade: for that I came home and settled for online streaming.

12:50 pm

Caledonian School Warning

Before leaving Caledonian School, I tried to present my medical bills for reimbursement. However, the insurance clerk was out sick the week before Christmas. No problem, I was told, just come back in the New Year. This was a bit of an annoyance, since it would have been nice to have the money before Christmas. That, and I didn’t have any other reason to go into that part of town. But there was nothing else to be done.

So, this week, I returned with my bills. And was told that I could not be reimbursed because they had already closed the books for 2008! And everyone I spoke with told me the same story.

I wonder if there’s a National Labor Board to which I can appeal?

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