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12:47 am

Prague’s Goldilocks Rating

Well, Prague has achieved a "just right" on my Goldilocks comfort scale (cf my post Next Stop: Prague). I’ve found that not speaking the language goes a long ways towards determining the Goldilocks rating. At any rate, I’ve decided to settle here, at least for a year or so.

In honor of my decision, I’ve rebaptized my blog, giving it a Czech name. According to my preceptress (thanks, Alena!), Život v Cizine means "Life Abroad".

10:15 am

Next Stop: Prague

Well, I’ve decided that Paris is really not for me, at least not just now. So, with the end of classes and the lease on my apartment next week, I’m moving on to Prague, where I’ve signed up for a TEFL/TESOL Course.

After that, I’m not sure what I’ll do. I’m kind of toying with the idea of China. Or maybe Russia. Or I may decide on Central or Eastern Europe. Or I may backtrack to Western Europe.

It all depends on how well I take to Prague.

See, here’s the thing: moving to Paris was relatively easy (once I got over the whole "Oh my God, I’m completely and totally insane" phase with which I was boring people). France is, after all, a Western, industrialized nation and I was already familiar with the language. So on the comfort scale, France isn’t all that far out there. In fact, I think that’s the problem: it’s not far enough out there. So I’ll try a little farther out the comfort scale, i.e., the Czech Republic.

If it turns out that Prague is just way too uncomfortable, I’ll backtrack, if not to France, then to Western Europe. (Spain or Portugal might work.) On the other hand, if Prague is still not uncomfortable enough, then I’ll push out the comfort scale still further. Then again, if the comfort level seems just right, then I’ll stay. In brief, I’m doing a Goldilocks number.

I’m also partially motivated by a concern for hanging out someplace that’ll look good on my resume when I get home. And really, Western Europe has been done to death. As for France, in particular, not even the French are trying to start careers in France.

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