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Diplôme de Français des Affaires, 1er Degré: The Results

So, I took this exam before I left Paris last June, and I’ve been waiting patiently for my results.

My certificate arrived today. I passed with a mention très bien, which indicates a score of 80% or better and is the highest mark given. Yippee!

2 responses to “Diplôme de Français des Affaires, 1er Degré: The Results”

  1. Monique West says:

    Congratulations!:) DFA is similar to BEC, in English, isn`t it? Are there various French levels expected to pass the exam, the same as for DELF?

  2. dasmith says:

    Yes, the DFA is to French what the BEC is to English. The DFA1 corresponds roughly to French at the B2 level on the CEF; there’s also the DFA2 (roughly C1) and the DAFA (Diplôme Approfondi de Français des Affaires) at roughly the C2 level.

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