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First Look at Kusadasi

I arrived in Kuşadası on Tuesday, and so have had a few days to start to get settled in.

Kuşadası is a town that reinvented itself for the sake of tourism. As a consequence, now, during the off-season, it doesn’t seem to have much reason for existing! In the Bazaar (conveniently near the harbor), only about 1 in 3 of the shops and restaurants are open. But even in the high season, tourists don’t come for the sights, but for the beaches. So, there’s really not much to look at in town.

Kuşadası takes its name from Bird (or Pigeon) Island: an small island attached to the mainland by a causeway and that is allegedly shaped like a bird. I can’t see this elusive resemblance myself, though:

The fortress on the island is apparently closed for the off-season. According to my guidebook, it’s a popular place for picnicking during the summer, but this time of year, there was hardly anyone there.

After living inland for the past three years, I’m pleased to be back by the sea, and I’ve enjoyed wandering down by the harbor. The bird motif is popular here, as in this statue:

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