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2:25 am

Second Visit to Prague Zoo

I visited the Prague Zoo last year, but it was too big to cover the entire thing in one visit, so yesterday I went back.

It really is a lovely zoo, and they give the animals plenty of space. The birds:

The hippos:

The bison:

The monkeys:

The penguins:

It’s not a very Anglo-phone friendly zoo, though (not that it has to be, of course), and so I don’t know what these animals are:

It is, on the other hand, dog-friendly:

It’ll cost you 20Kc to bring your dog in, though:

The zoo is decorated with statuary, mostly animals, but there was also this Aztec-y looking guy:

The zoo is big enough that they have a chair lift (which doesn’t operate in high winds) to help people get from one level to another.

It wasn’t in operation when I was there last year, so I rode it this time, alas remembering too late that I’m afraid of heights. Not fun.

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