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Father Augustin Schubert, OSA

From this week’s parish bulletin at sv. Tomáš:

"July 28, In memoriam of Father Augustin Schubert, OSA, pastor and witness to the truth.
Born in Prague-Zizkov in 1902, who after obtaining his doctorate in Philosophy entered the Augustininian Order in 1924. Ordained a priest in 1929 he was appointed pastor of St. Thomas. In this capacity he soon gathered an eager group of young people and was in demand as preacher throughout Czechoslovakia. With the occupation of his native land by the Nazis he constantly preached fidelity to Christ in face of pagan national myths. On 26 August 1939 he was arrested by the Gestapo and jailed variously at Pancrac, Oranienburg, Theresienstadt and Dachau where he died of tuberculosis and a cardiac condition compounded by hunger and ill treatment on 28 July 1942. His remains were cremated. Letters to his fellow Augustinians and a rosary made of dried breadcrumbs survived as well as the memory of a priest and pastor who raised his voice against injustice."

Steps for proposing him as a saint have been taken by the Augustinian community and their parishioners in 1999.

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