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Prague’s Goldilocks Rating

Well, Prague has achieved a "just right" on my Goldilocks comfort scale (cf my post Next Stop: Prague). I’ve found that not speaking the language goes a long ways towards determining the Goldilocks rating. At any rate, I’ve decided to settle here, at least for a year or so.

In honor of my decision, I’ve rebaptized my blog, giving it a Czech name. According to my preceptress (thanks, Alena!), Život v Cizine means "Life Abroad".

One response to “Prague’s Goldilocks Rating”

  1. Anne Marie Stark says:

    Prague? LOL…just had coffee with Arnold and we were talking about you. I mentioned your blog and relized I hadn’t read it in a while.

    You are a really good photographer!

    Congrats on the move!


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