12:23 pm

Missing luggage cart returned

While my suitcase and garment bag arrived safe and sound, my little luggage cart, which had served so faithfully while I was moving everything into storage, failed to show up on the luggage carousel. I can’t really say that I was surprised: it’s small and easy to overlook and I had had qualms about checking it. So I made the appropriate report and went on with things.

At 12:30 this morning, I was awakened by the phone ringing: it was British Air, announcing that they had found my luggage cart. I was in the 18th, right? They’d be here in half an hour. I was, of course, too startled to even think of objecting. And indeed, at a little after 1 AM, I had my luggage cart back.

But what were they *thinking*? I guess once they find missing luggage of any kind, they figure the owner wants it back sooner rather than later. But 12:30?

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